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I'm Scott Quashen. I like to help people, always have. I spent over 10 years helping people in the rehab industry. I've always liked to build things since I was a kid playing legos. I've been building graphics and websites for over 10 years now. I'm currently learning how to build Mobile Apps at Udemy with Dr. Angela Yu. I really do enjoy building things online!

So when a friend told me that she was going to sell her Diamond Pearlmaster Rolex for dimes on the dollar, I got to work taking pictures and strategizes how to sell that Rolly for top dollar. It was fun, so I started helping other people sell high tickets online

And then another friend asked me to take a look at his resumé. It needed some serious work. I geeked out. We were thrilled with what came out of my hard work. So I made it my side hustle to help more people to have cool Photoshop made resumés.

Get Your Professional Resumé Made In Photoshop Today!

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