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Here's a problem! Many people that have Treasure end up needing to liquidate the 'Gold' for cash. When they liquidate, or sell to a reseller, they offer a massive discount, losing out on thousands. Treasure Sale delivers a Big Value Better Alternative, Guaranteed. From start to finish, Treasure Sale includes full marketing service to get your Treasure sold. Selling Treasure is the Goal. We'll get it sold. Guaranteed. And for a great price. Behold, a better alternative, built outta love, Treasure Sale: Build & Marketing.

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Welcome to Squash Treasure Marketing! I'm Scott Quashen. I'm proud of what I can do on the MacBook, and I'm excited and challenged to learn more and to build new things. I'm based out of Santa Clarita Valley California. I'm proud to be an American. I like to help people, always have. I spent over 10 years helping people in the rehab industry. I like to Build for Mobile. I've always liked to build things. I've been building things online for over 10 years now too. Now, I'm studying Flutter Mobile App development at Udemy with Dr. Angela Yu. I like to solve problems. I dream of solving problems. And that's what I like to do. And when a friend told me that she was going to sell her treasure for dimes on the dollar, I decided to start helping people to get more money for their treasure by building and then managing top notch online listings that get the buyers clicking.

Squash Marketing, Sell Treasure!

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