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Full About Me Journal Post

You can go to the Brand About Me introduction post if you would like. 

I am Scott. I am an introvert. I am a dreamer.

I used to think that being an introvert was a bad thing. Like a bad word. 

I don't think like that anymore.

I like to Build for Mobile.

I may be writing, a bit of a Poem here. 

I felt like spending a day or so to write down my thinking so that I can share with you who I am. 

This way you'll know Who, How, &...

Drug Rehab Center

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I worked at Action Drug Rehabs nearly my whole life. I love that company. Coronavirus. Okay, I will say that I did deep down want to do more with my career than the rehab. So many nights for so many years, it was really time for me to push forward towards my goals and make some changes in my life. Even when I was in college in San Francisco & Paris, I provided marketing and web master support. Over the years I wound up in...

Magic = Focus

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It's Saturday night on July 18. Focus can be magical, repetition is How. God is How. My name is Scott Quashen. Personally, I welcome you here, and wish you well on your journeys. Take note that my work will be different on Mobile & Desktop - Made for Mobile First and then Desktop. I'll share with you a bit about me, which I'd say to read later if you're thinking to do business with me.

One of my major focuses: Mobile...

Flutter App Development Student

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App Development

I'm on a mission to build apps and deploy them to the Apple and Google mobile app stores. I put in work. Look, I'm going to share with you guys How I am and How I can be so that you can better understand how that I Learn and how that I Work. When I get focused on getting something done, I can dedicate myself completely to the task, to the extent at times to working on a project for weeks...

Brand About

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Brand About Intro

I am Scott Quashen, I welcome you to my Marketing Website! First thing I'll say is that I like to Build for Mobile. I'll go on with a bit about me. But first, let me tell you about Squash Treasure Marketing. This is a small practice, providing Marketing and Online Treasure Sales services for 1-2 clients per month. I'll be personally handling all of the work, with the aid of my advisers. I may hire people to help me, but only if to...