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I am Scott Quashen, I welcome you to my Marketing Website! First thing I'll say is that I like to Build for Mobile. I'll go on with a bit about me. But first, let me tell you about Squash Treasure Marketing. This is a small practice, providing Marketing and Online Treasure Sales services for 1-2 clients per month. I'll be personally handling all of the work, with the aid of my advisers. I may hire people to help me, but only if to do so would make Treasure Sale a better service.
We can Get Started now. But, I feel it's important to share some background information so that we can first build a relationship and then do business together. Transparency, because I want you to know that I am personally guaranteeing Premium service. I truly understand that my Treasure Sale service provides huge value to both parties. Keep in mind that I encourage and welcome you to write me an email or chat me on FB by clicking the Messenger button on the bottom right.

Brand About Me Journal

You can learn more about me by reading the full about me journal post. 

I learned that objects are not important. 

And that Focus, and Living, that's what's important.

That's the only thing.

The Present. Now. What we do. How we think.

What we Do with what we have. 

How & What. That's all we have.

Be Focused, be yourself, and be present. 

Remember How & What. Do your best.

Live in the Now.

I really have learned a lot over the years.

I learned that there's a Galaxy more that I have not learned. 

And that I really don't know much at all. None of us do. I've heard that's the whole point.

I learned that we should all be Learning that.

I'll be using Google. 

I hear that it's Okay to be using Google.

I like to be building. Get myself a thing.

And then I like to look at that thing.

And then I like to play with that thing.

I like to change it up. Make it more custom. Even Cooler. 

And then I like to play with that thing more.

Right now, what I'm writing is one of my things.

It's 4:16 in the morning now. 

It will be earlier if you keep reading. 

But now, the time is 4:45 in the afternoon, on the following day.

And now its 10:06 at night.

It's a couple days later and here I am, again, playing with my thing. 

That's what I like. I like to build things, and then I like to play with them.

As a Kid my all-time favorite was to play Legos.

Now my favorite is to play Widgets on a sweet MacBook Pro. (Flutter programming)

I like to be Building everyday.

I like to be Coding everyday.

I like to build. Always have.

I like to Share what I've Built too. Always have too.

Since I was a Kid, some of the most exciting moments that I remember were in commerce. 

Small transactions, like Cub Scouts, school activities.

What great memories I have of those days. 

My Mom is right there when I close my eyes. 

Proudly standing besides her garden wagon, taking bids, Straight Taking Names.

I have great parents. 

Mom's upstairs right now. She's in bed. It's 2:16 in the morning. She's tired.

But, tell Em more what chya like Scott.

I like being in the company of my Brother and his Family. 

Scott, I heard about this app where you rent out your pool for cash. 

Wow. What an Amazing idea, I have to say. 

But Scott, what about the weed plants?

Hmm. Tell 'Em they're CBD.

My Brother, and my Sister are my two Best Friends. 

I like going on drives to eat with my Sister, and Chatting and Kidding with her in the evenings. 

My Mom, Dad, Grandmother, and Uncle mean the world to me. 

I like hanging out with my Dad. I love him.

I like hanging out with my Mom. I love her.

My Grandma Naunie is the best. She always has been the best. 

My Uncle Daniel is an amazing human being. 

Daniel's my 3rd Best Friend.

My Brother's Sons are the most precious gift of our lives. 

Nick & Liam are my 4th and 5th Best Friends.

I always knew that my computer would be central to my career. 

I have a dream, of my own beautiful place to live. 

I'd give my Sister a key to the place, so that she could stay with me. 

I like to remember the person that I have become, and am becoming.  

I dream about Paris.

I could be your Tour Guide in Paris. 

The only Pigeons I shoot are clay. 

I believe in Star Wars, God, & Willie Nelson.  

Eggs with French Fries is my favorite food. Over Medium, Dry sourdough, and sincerely, thank you. 

I am Scott, and you are welcome here, on Squash Treasure Marketing.

This is an excerpt of the full post. You can learn more about me by reading the full about me journal post. 



My Goal for a long time, before I really even knew what it was, has been Building for Mobile. Come to think about it, I've now been Learning web design for the past 10+ years. More recently I've been learning to code mobile apps, for the past 3 or 4 years. In 2019 I began to provide website building and digital marketing services to several clients. Squash Marketing was born. 

But then, my focus was needed elsewhere. Back at the rehab. I spent many years and countless nights working for this drug rehab company. I had helped that company navigate nasty waters in the past when I worked there, and also when I didn't work there. But they needed me back this time - That's what I told myself. That's what my Mother told me. And my Brother. Truth be told, I went back this time to mend my relationship with my Father, which was damaged at work back in 2018. I went back, for my last and final time, and gave them what I had left to give. We did some pretty big things together. Great memories I have working with my Mother, Brother, & Father. Precious memories.

My Parents are the Owners of the drug rehab that I worked at. I've got this memory going back about 5 years ago, of this time that I was sitting with my Father in his office having a conversation. At the time being in my Father's office felt like being in the Castle's Throne Room talking with the King. But then he told me that the business was going downhill. I asked him what was the problem? He told me that we needed better marketing.

I was always the person that would save my Family's business. That's what I believed. Looking back, I am that person for the work that I have put in. Back to the conversation with my Father. I had spent time before studying both marketing and management, not knowing what to major in College. It was because of this conversation that I changed my major at SF State. We had a problem. Not enough customers. How do we get more customers? In Hindsite, the answers more clear now. We get the focus of potential customers and retain focus while we inspire with messaging. We do this in repetition. Multiple posts for each user to digest. We create better content, and get the right people to focus on that content, to digest our message, that we could help

At the time, neither my father nor I new how to do this. None of us on the team knew how to drop sick marketing that would solve our problem. Not with the budget restrictions that we faced. I knew technology was key, but I had a lot to learn. I still do. So then I set myself to learning digital marketing, studying for years and then coming back to make moves.

Brining the timeline to a few months ago, I've started to study web development and then app development full time. I'm still a learner today. I will be forever. That's what I do with my time, I learn, I Build for Mobile, and then I do it some more so that I can build even cooler things.

In 2019 I started Squash Marketing. In 2020, I pivot the service into a niche that I could not get more excited about: Treasure Marketing & Listing Management. 

Digital Marketing

I can Build for Mobile in multiple ways. And I'm feeling hungry, and so I'm offering a value packed service that is a Pillar in my career. I'm Utilizing my skills and passion, creativity & focus to offer a kick-ass Built for Mobile digital marketing product. And so I am dedicating my Focus to embody the blood-sweat-equity of Squash Marketing. Programming, I will continue to learn. 

From start to finish, Treasure Sale includes full service to get your Treasure sold. We'll create great image assets taken specifically for mobile by mobile to maximize the user experience. We'll use cool tricks. Make everything look and feel awesome. We'll have multiple channels (social, directories, etc.) and custom user friendly sales funnels that gets the job done. So without further ado, I present to you a very cool service here on my Marketing Website, which I call, Treasure Sale.

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