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Flutter App Development Student

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App Development

I'm on a mission to build apps and deploy them to the Apple and Google mobile app stores. I put in work. Look, I'm going to share with you guys How I am and How I can be so that you can better understand how that I Learn and how that I Work. When I get focused on getting something done, I can dedicate myself completely to the task, to the extent at times to working on a project for weeks straight. 

For example, in the London App Brewery Flutter Mobile App Development Bootcamp course for which I am enrolled, once I was able to build 2 of the Starter Projects without needing instructor (video) guidance, to solidify my knowledge, I built the 2 apps over and over again, like push-ups. I kept building, until I had built both of the apps 50 times, each. You guys should see AppBuild-88, which was a celebratory build, because the number 88 is a badass number.

Moving forward in the Course, I plan to build each of the remaining Core projects 50 times each, so that I can always remember the ins and outs of the Starter Project apps which together represent most major aspects of Flutter programming. Okay, well maybe not 50 times for some of the more complex apps, but enough times to solidify my knowledge.  That is the point, that I Will become a proficient programmer, which will increase my abilities perpetually. My next milestone in the Course is to learn HTTP Networking, which will enable my applications to communicate with the Web.

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