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Full About Me Journal Post

You can go to the Brand About Me introduction post if you would like. 

I am Scott. I am an introvert. I am a dreamer.

I used to think that being an introvert was a bad thing. Like a bad word. 

I don't think like that anymore.

I like to Build for Mobile.

I may be writing, a bit of a Poem here. 

I felt like spending a day or so to write down my thinking so that I can share with you who I am. 

This way you'll know Who, How, & What.

But I when I sat down to write, weeks or months of thoughts came pouring down. 

I'd like to share those thoughts with you.

I spent a lot of time struggling pushing forward towards the light.

I'd just like you to get to know me a little better. That's all.

Or is it Maybe that I'd like to get to know myself a little better? Who knows.

I'm not sure. But However I am sure that I'm not trying to write, a Poem. 

I'm trying to tell you that I am becoming a Developer. 

I learned that Writing is good for me. 

I've learned that Willie Nelson is a top influence in my life.

I learned it doesn't mean anything if people skip over a couple screens of my content.

I learned it's important to process. 

I learned that Authenticity is How. 

I learned that possessions are unimportant. 

I learned I like Paris France.

I've learned that you probably shouldn't be listening to what I have to say. 

I learned that memories are all we have. 

And then I learned about moments.

I learned about emotions. 

I learned about Focus. 

I learned about How.

I learned about Control.

I hope to learn more about that.

I learned that there can be better ways to get there than driving. 

I learned that the Journey often beats the Destination. 

I learned sunset at Sacre Coure is forever.

I learned that priceless is real. 

I learned life was not important on a Galactic scale.

That Life was small and insignificant to the vastness & timelessness of space. 

And then I learned that I was wrong. 

Scott, but tell Em what you trying to say.

Because I learned that objects are not important. 

And that Focus, and Living, that's what's important.

That's the only thing.

The Present. Now. What we do. How we think.

What we Do with what we have. 

How & What. That's all we have.

Be Focused, be yourself, and be present. 

Remember How & What. Do your best.

Live in the Now.

I really have learned a lot over the years.

I learned that there's a Galaxy more that I have not learned. 

And that I really don't know much at all. None of us do. I've heard that's the whole point.

I learned that we should all be Learning that.

I'll be using Google. 

I hear that it's Okay to be using Google.

I like to be building. Get myself a thing.

And then I like to look at that thing.

And then I like to play with that thing.

I like to change it up. Make it more custom. Even Cooler. 

And then I like to play with that thing more. And again.

Right now, what I'm writing is one of my things.

It's 4:16 in the morning now. 

It will be earlier if you keep reading. 

But now, the time is 4:45 in the afternoon, on the following day.

And now its 10:06 at night. I think I can stop writing now.

As a Kid my all-time favorite was to play Legos.

Now my favorite is to play Widgets on a sweet MacBook Pro. (Flutter programming)

I like to be Building everyday.

I like to be Coding everyday.

I like to build. Always have.

I like to Share what I've Built too. Always have too.

Since I was a Kid, some of the most exciting moments that I remember were in commerce. 

Small transactions, like Cub Scouts, school activities.

What great memories I have of those days. 

My Mom is right there when I close my eyes. 

Proudly standing besides her garden wagon, taking bids, Straight Taking Names.

I have great parents. 

Mom's upstairs right now. She's in bed. It's 2:16 in the morning. She's tired.

Scott, but tell Em more what chya like.

I like being in nature with my Brother and his Family. 

Scott, I heard about this app where you rent out your pool for cash. 

Wow. What an Amazing idea, I have to say. 

But Scott, what about the weed plants?

Hmm. Tell 'Em they're CBD.

My Brother, and my Sister are my two Best Friends. 

I like going on drives to eat with my Sister, and Chatting and Kidding with her in the evenings. 

My Mom, Dad, Grandmother, and Uncle mean the world to me. 

I like hanging out with my Dad. I love him.

I like hanging out with my Mom. I love her.

My Grandma Naunie is the best. She always has been the best. 

My Uncle Daniel is an amazing human being. 

Daniel's my 3rd Best Friend.

My Brother's Sons are the most precious gift of our lives. 

Nick & Liam are my 4th and 5th Best Friends.

I always knew that my computer would be central to my career. 

I have a dream, of my own beautiful place to live. 

I'd give my Sister a key to the place, so that she could stay with me. 

I like to remember the person that I have become, and am becoming. 

I like to spend time working on myself. 

I like to think. I like to Do. I like repetition. 

I like Focus. I like Grind.

I like Value. I like Service.

I like Dedication. I like Diligence. 

I don't like Distraction.

I like getting the Job done, and I like Doing it well. 

I like to share. 

I like to put positive Energy into the world. 

I like putting in the work to be the person that I've always wanted to become. 

I like to study Old Wisdom. 

I like to find God, everyday.

I like to find my Ground every day. 

I like to Flow, to be in a state of effortless action. 

I like to Do. 

I do not like to Try.

I like to meditate. 

I like to learn in-demand skills. 

I like going to the Cabin. 

I actually do like my Dad's Girlfriend.

I actually do like my Brother's Wife.

I like to be well compensated for my work. 

I like to have a beer in the garden with pals.

I'd like to have a beer right now.

I like to be in Paris, France. 

I'd also like to do that now.

Some of my closest friends are spread out throughout the world, mostly in Europe. 

I dream about rowboat lunches with great company. 

I dream about making a big impact on the marketplace. 

I dream about Paris.

I could be your Tour Guide in Paris. 

The only Pigeons I shoot are clay. 

I believe in Star Wars, God, & Willie Nelson.  

Eggs with French Fries is my favorite food. Over Medium, Dry sourdough, and sincerely, thank you. 

I am Scott, and you are welcome here, on Squash Treasure Marketing.

Again, You can go to the Brand About Me Intro post if you would like. 


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