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Do Some Bonuses

Do Some Bonuses

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If you'd like, you can say your self, damn, that work is really awesome! Or, we're just getting so much buyer attention, this item is about to have an offer come in right at the right price. Good job Scott, + 10. 


In all seriousness, perhaps I just made you an extra $25,000 for the sale of your treasure. Wouldn't it feel nice to give a guy a bonus?


Then, you come over to his page here, and you set the item quantity for 10.  Who knows, 20 or 30? It's up to you. However many + you feel like +ing.  It's up to you.  I put this here because Some people like this, I like this.  If you do not like this, please ignore it, it is not for you, and I take no offense by your ignoring of this product, and I mean no offense to you for the listing of the product.

For everybody who however does like this product, thinking to yourself when I do great work, " + 25 Scott" sounds pretty cool to me. Then. you just come over here and wam select that amount then add to cart and checkout, and I'll be Stoked!